Laid up, but not down!
Tom sent us these messages – we’re rooting for Tom and wishing him a strong recovery! We know we’ll see him back on the course when he’s ready.

First message early this year:
“Guess what? Broke my neck in 4 places while Mountain Biking. Fractures in C2 C6 C7 and T1. Doctor is hopeful that I will not have surgery. They are letting the swelling go down and then they will re evaluate the fractures. I am stable and at home. So, possibly will not be running in October. But I am still going to be there come hell or high water! If I can’t run I will volunteer and help you guys out in whatever capacity I can. I will not miss the best race ever!!!!

Sincerely, The Mayor”

Recent Update:
“Thanks very much for checking in on me. Good news is no surgery. All 4 neck fractures are healing. Have to stay in neck brace though until August 26. So, no driving, working, or lifting over 10 pounds. But I can stationary bike, elliptical, and walk. I think I will be fully healed and released to resume normal activity and go back to work around September 1. Whether I am able to run or volunteer the Mayor will be there in October. Thinking I will be running if I can get in Race form!”