Runner Profile: Christopher David

Christopher has run many times in our event, and we wanted to share some thoughts that he brought to us about age groups in racing. He posed the question: Why

Runner Profile: Christopher David2020-09-25T07:58:58-05:00

Jennifer Bland

Learn about one of our fabulous Board Members... How did you get started with Ironclad Races? The initial board members consisted of a group of runners that I admired and

Jennifer Bland2020-09-25T07:58:51-05:00

Amy Albritton, the “Runner Hugger”

How did you get started with Ironclad Races? I am one of the original members; however not the mastermind behind the name and course design. Several of my running friends

Amy Albritton, the “Runner Hugger”2020-06-14T12:29:05-05:00

Runner Profile: Kelly Rouse

What is your favorite aspect of Ironclad Races? The stadium finish has to be my favorite aspect. As you come down the hill by Grainger Hill and make the turn

Runner Profile: Kelly Rouse2020-06-14T12:29:48-05:00