How did you get started with Ironclad Races?
I am one of the original members; however not the mastermind behind the name and course design. Several of my running friends and I were sitting around discussing the idea of wanting to have a local race again in our community to bring people to our community and show them great things are happening. I never entered this adventure thinking I would ever be President of Ironclad Races or the Race Director!

How many times have you run this race?
Because we put the race on we are never able to run the race on race day. We always coordinate doing a staff run before or after the event so that we can earn our own medals. I have earned all of mine except for 2019 due to plantar fasciitis and having to stop running in September a month before the event and now finally 9 months later I am showing improvements where I can hopefully start running very soon! Yes, I miss it and I miss how running makes me feel!

Running Stats?
Running Stats (LOL) I totally will not bore you with that. Some people are stat people and some people are not. I can not tell you how many races I have run or what my fastest pace was. I sign up for races and run them to enjoy them. Truth be told I do not run for speed, but I always pick someone on the course with me that I want to finish ahead of. I like to challenge myself for distance rather than speed. I like to see how far I can physically and mentally push myself. It has been sometime now since doing distance running. The most I have run at one time is 50 miles. That is peanuts compared to my ultra running friends out there. Yes, I used to say “ All I want to do is a Half Marathon. I don’t have interest in running a Marathon”. Ran a Marathon and was running with lots folks doing Ultras. Again, “I don’t have any interest in doing ultra running”. All I have to say it gradually I found myself reading all about it and increasing my miles gradually, and years later being asked to be a Race Directer for a 40 mile run that started in Morehead City and ran to Cedar Island called CI40.

What do you do outside of running?
I am a wife, and a mom to 1 daughter. My whole family is involved on race day including my Mom and Dad and 2 sisters.I work in a hospital setting Behavioral Health Unit. I am a Recreation Therapy assistant. I lead therapy sessions on basic coping skills and try to get individuals who are struggling with mental illness back into using positive leisure outlets as a tool to cope. With all my free time, my husband and I own and operate 2 other small businesses locally. When I am not working, I enjoy cooking, eating and traveling the world!

Little know fact about you?
I am a hugger! So needless to say this social distancing has been killing me. I submitted the photos I did from last years race because we all laughed at how the photos totally captured me and my personality. I am now coined as the “Runner Hugger”. I love seeing and celebrating everyone’s accomplishments.

What is your favorite aspect of Ironclad Races?
I love that this gives me an opportunity to give back to my community! The thing I love most about the race itself is that I intentionally keep it affordable to show the running community that you can run a quality event and not spend $75 and up! I love it when runners come up to me saying “You know you could charge more for this right?” and the look on their face when I say “Yes, of course. but we do this intentionally.”

Who is the perfect runner for this event?
This race is designed to help everyone be successful!