What is your favorite aspect of Ironclad Races?
The stadium finish has to be my favorite aspect. As you come down the hill by Grainger Hill and make the turn toward the stadium, you can start to hear the crowds cheering. Then when you make the turn and enter the stadium, you can hear your name being announced and people get louder. The stadium makes it so nice for family and friends to come see you cross the finish line and celebrate your accomplishment. It also provides a nice atmosphere to enjoy the post race festivities.

Lasting Memory
The Ironclad was my first half marathon. At the time I ran it for the first time, I had only run a few 5k’s. I had thought I wanted to run a half marathon and it would be a one time thing. That was not the case, I was hooked. The Ironclad has led me to run other half marathons and a couple marathons.

Unique Experience
The Ironclad Race has become a big team builder for a group of my coworkers. Our employer, West Pharmaceuticals, has become a sponsor of the race. Each year we have more employees sign up to participate in the race. We all congratulate each other and get a group photo to document the moment. We have built a little group of runners that encourage each other and share ideas on how we train for the race.

Would you recommend this race to other runners and why?
Yes, I recommend the Ironclad Half Marathon to other runners all the time. It is one of most organized races that I have participated in. They always have great shirts and medals. The group that organizes the Ironclad is second to none. They care about the runners and go out of their way to make sure everyone has a good time. The Ironclad has grown each year and brings people from all over. It is a great opportunity to meet other runners and build new friendships.

Describe the race day vibe pre and post race.
The pre race vibe is really awesome with the cannon blast start. But I would have to say the post race vibe is unbelievable. The stadium finish with everyone cheering as you enter the stadium and round home plate gives you that extra burst to finish strong. Then as you come off the field there is always family and friends there to congratulate you on your accomplishment.