Virtual Events

What is a virtual race?

We want to inspire you to be POSITIVE and HEALTHY during this time of uncertainty. Join us on October 17th as we complete this run TOGETHER. This virtual Half Marathon and virtual 5k are events that can be run (or walked) from any location you choose. On the road, on a trail, or on a treadmill – all while maintaining social distancing. Run at your own pace and time it yourself. The race packet for this virtual run includes a shirt and finishers medal.

Our hope is that everyone will complete this run together on Saturday, October 17th. You are, however, welcome to complete your run whenever it best fits your life, as long as you complete it by November 1st. Join our virtual run Facebook group and show your support for your fellow runners. Be sure to post photos of your training and your completion of the 5K or Half Marathon.


Virtual races are becoming increasingly popular. Yes, we know – a virtual race is not the same as a “real” race. This was a difficult decision for us to make because one of our missions is to welcome you to Kinston. We decided to offer a virtual aspect to our race, allowing us to meet our mission of being able to raise money for local nonprofits, particularly during times such as this where the need for support is great. The perk of doing a virtual event is that it allows all those folks interested in running the distance, but questioning their abilities to make cut off times, an opportunity to prove to themselves their capabilities! There are other possible fantastic reasons for running virtual this year… Maybe you run virtual because you have been with us for many years and want to keep your running streak going. Or maybe you wanted to try us out this year, but don’t feel like you should travel. Maybe you are super excited about this year’s 4.5” peace sign bling (I mean, who wouldn’t be?). Or it could be you are just digging the groovy shirt design (we aren’t bragging, but it is awesome).

What do I get with my registration?

  • Logo shirt
  • Logo finisher medal
  • Printable race bib
  • Race results in searchable format
  • Shirt and medal will be mailed to you!

4.5″ Half Marathon Peace Sign Finishers Medal

Groovy Shirt!

Unisex shirts are a long sleeve shirt with race logo, and female cut shirts are all short sleeve shirts with the race logo.

2.5″ 5K Finishers Medal

Virtual Half Marathon

Registration ends October 16, 2020 at 11:59pm EDT


Register for Virtual Half Marathon

Virtual 5K

Registration ends October 16, 2020 at 11:59pm EDT


Register for Virtual 5K

Frequently Asked Questions

How to register?

Simply go to Run Sign Up and register TODAY!
Registration closes October 16th.

Want to run for free?

How It Works:

  1. Complete your registration.
  2. You’ll receive a custom shareable link in your confirmation email.
  3. Share your link with your friends and family.
  4. Earn cash back! You’ll get credit for anyone who registers though your personal referral link! $15 refund at 3 referrals and another $10 at 5 referrals.

Can I transfer to the virtual race?

Yes, however there is a deadline of October 10th and participants are asked to manage this by following this link and going to their profile in Run Sign Up:

Can I defer to 2021 race year? 

Yes, however there is a deadline of October 10th and participants are asked to manage this by following this link and go to their profile in Run Sign Up:

Can I get a refund? We are sorry we are unable to provide refunds; however you are able to defer to 2021 race year if done before the deadline or there is the choice to run the virtual Half Marathon or 5K (registration closes October 16th).

Virtual race timeline?

You have a 2-week time-frame to submit your completed time for the half marathon or 5k distance. Saturday, October 17th – Sunday, November 1, 2020. The distance ran has to be completed all in one day and can not be completed in multiple days.


Virtual half marathon – $45

Virtual 5k race – $25

When will I receive my virtual race swag?

We expect to ship medals and shirts on

Monday, November 16, 2020

(Please be aware of delays potentially caused by Covid-19)

How do I show my mileage?

There will be a button on the results page where you can click to submit your time, or, you can run with RaceJoy on your phone which will track and automatically submit your time

How do I find my results compared to other virtual runners? 

You will go to the main result page for the race.

Are there awards for Age Group or Top finishers?

The virtual event will not have finisher awards or age group awards.

What is the age limit?

There is no age limit. We just ask that minors be accompanied by an adult to maintain safety.

Stroller/Dog Friendly

Sure dogs are our best running partners right? Need to take your kid on the run ….. well that’s not a problem either.


Highly recommended – You Will Be On Your Own! Whether it be a hand held, vest or dropping bottled water along your route – hydrate!

Course Information

Wherever you choose to run – road, trail, beach, treadmill.  Don’t look for the painted arrows on the road – they won’t be there!

Not Certified/Sanctioned/Chip Timed

This event is not going to be chip timed nor will there be age group or overall place awards.  You will receive a finishers medal for the half marathon or the 5k race that you are registered for and complete.

If you don’t find your answer here on the Virtual Race FAQs, feel free to use our contact form to reach out.