Greetings friends and fellow runners! As a board, we have met on multiple occasions to discuss the 2021 Irconlad Mother Earth Brewing Half Marathon and 5k. We are all runners and we know the desire and need to gather again for something fun, welcoming and inviting. We also have the responsibility for keeping you all safe.

We are excited to see the decreasing cases of COVID and many people becoming vaccinated. We do not feel we will have enough of this pandemic behind us by September 2021 to feel safe with the volume of people and the amount of support our runners receive. We want you to be able to not only come and run – but also stay and visit and enjoy. We want you to have the full benefit of running one of the friendliest, most reasonable races in our state.

In light of all of this, we have decided to have the next Ironclad Mother Earth Brewing Half Marathon and 5k in 2022.

For those who deferred until 2021, you will automatically have a spot in the phenomenal 2022 event! We can’t wait to see you, encourage you, and have you in our city. We appreciate your understanding regarding this extremely difficult decision. Know we have you in mind through all this.

The Ironclad Races Team